Oktober 2014

Our guests from Dahabholidays
Elke, 2014-10-15

Oktober 2014

"one week good wind and fun at Center 1 with the group of Mate from Hungary" "Thank you for comming !!"
Elke, 2014-10-06

September 2014

Funsurf Travel Poland
Elke, 2014-09-23

September 2014

We had a great week with Chris Lipinski - Surfski Poland
Elke, 2014-09-23

September 2014

schöner Abend mit unseren deutschen Gästen von center 2
Elke, 2014-09-23

Harry Nass Hurghada Februar 2015

Dear Guets we are just working on our new website with Harry Nass Hurghada. Please understand that we need some more time... Soon we will start to be online Thank you Elke and Harry
Elke, 2014-09-23


Harry Nass eröffnet neues Center in Hurghada am 1. Februar 2015
Elke, 2014-08-17


On the first February 2015 Harry Nass will open a brand-new centre in Hurghada
Elke, 2014-08-17

Mai 2014: Centre 4 at the Bay View is closed

Unfortunately we have made the decision to close Centre 4 (kite centre in the Bay view hotel). The standards of the hotel have deteriorated since the Mercure group left. Therefore we will move the kitesurfing centre to the Lagoon. This includes the removal of our blue pontoon, so kitesurfing is no longer possible from the Bay View hotel. - For intermediate or advanced kitesurfers there is now the possibility to launch from Centre 2, making use of the vast space and flat water conditions, downwind of the main windsurfing area. We will have launching and landing assistance, plus walkie talkie radios for safety and rescue cover available. -We also have the best location for beginner kitesurfers in Centre 1which is right next to the kite lagoon. The kite lagoon is shallow and is a great place to practise your kitesurfing skills and increase your confidence.
Elke, 2014-05-03

Semptember 2013

GOOD NEWS!! Thomas Cook- fliegt wieder!!! Thomas Cook - is flying again!!! Starting 30.9.2013 Thomas Cook: "Ägypten- wir fliegen wieder in den vergangenen Wochen hat sich die Lage in Ägypten nach übereinstimmenden Berichten der Behörden und unserer Zielgebietsorganisation deutlich beruhigt. In den touristischen Gebieten am Roten Meer war die Situation unverändert ruhig. Aus diesem Grund und um den ägyptischen Tourismus zu unterstützen, haben wir uns entschlossen das Ägyptenprogramm am Roten Meer ab sofort, für Reisetermine ab dem 30.09.2013 wieder aufzunehmen."
Elke, 2013-09-18

September 2013

Pierre Yves Mottier and his group: « we are safe in Egypt » Pierre-Yves and his group during his windsurfing clinic in Dahab, September 2013. The conditions have been unreal, we had 20 knots everyday. We got to try the new JP 2014 and got a superb service from the staff at Center 1. We went to the village in the evening and felt welcome and very safe. If you want to improve your windsurfing skills, please contact Pierre-Yves at Teaching is available in French and English and he will be in Dahab again in October.
Elke, 2013-09-18

September 2013

JP Boards 2014 just arrived!!! Our new boards are waiting for you- take the chance and windsurf in Dahab with lots of space like 15 years ago..... Dahab was always safe and quite-
Elke, 2013-09-02

August 2013

WEBCAMs online again!!! After two month of construction our telefonline is working again and all webcams are working......
Elke, 2013-08-05

May 2013

We are happy to welcome the Surfclub Blue Circle
Elke, 2013-05-16

May 2013

Welcome to Guy Cribb and his group
Elke, 2013-05-16

May 2013

Ride and Learn 2013 The biggest Surf Event worldwide started Welcome to our guests
Elke, 2013-05-16

March 2013

In time our second delivery of 2013 JP boards arrived.... We are happy to offer for our guests twice a year new boards!
Elke, 2013-03-30

March 2013

The german Surf Magazin Freeride test 2013 with Stephan Gölnitz, Frank Levwsch und Manuel Vogel
Elke, 2013-03-30

March 2013

Roberto Hofmann: 36 Italian grazie per la bellisima settimana
Elke, 2013-03-26

March 2013

Second Delivery: 200 Neil Pryde riggs - booms and masts arrived Harry Nass Dahab is the only center in the bay which is getting twice a year new sails and boards- New boards will also arrive soon....
Elke, 2013-03-16

March 2013

For the first time at Harry Nass Mike Baldwin and his group-
Elke, 2013-03-16

February 2013

TravelWorld4You mt Fritz Kotnik
Elke, 2013-02-28

New Harry Nass Kitesurfing Video 2013

we are happy to announce our new Harry Nass kite video - Go Pro
Elke, 2012-11-18

Oktober 2012

We are happy top announce the arrival of our Cabrinha Kites 2013
Elke, 2012-11-01

August 2012

We are happy to announce the arrival of our new JP boards 2013
Elke, 2012-08-22

May 2012: 28 th Ride and Learn for three weeks

more pics... all pictures on facebook: Harry Nass Dahab
Elke, 2012-05-30

May 2012: Guy Cribb INtuition

Elke, 2012-05-23

May 2012: Sun and Fun at the Harry Nass Centres

Natalie Frieder with Juliane and Michaela
Elke, 2012-05-14

April 2012: Vladimir Yakovlev RUS 99 with his group at the Harry Nass Centre

Elke, 2012-04-07

March 2012: "Not normal week in Dahab" - with Roberto Hofmann

all pics of the week
Elke, 2012-03-28

March 2012: the English Windsurf Magazin is testing the new equipment 2012 at the Harry Nass centers

Elke, 2012-03-27

Best Windsurf and Kite Center in Egypt 2011

Harry Nass Dahab is the winner of the award "Best Windsurf and Kite Center in Egypt 2011" as voted by the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism on the left the Ministre of Tourism : Mounir Fakhry Abdel Nour and on the right: Mustafa Kamal Badr for Harry Nass
Elke, 2012-03-24

March 2012: FUNSURF Travel Poland

Elke, 2012-03-23

march 2012: JP Freestyle Special at the Harry Nass Center

The Surf magazin and JP produced a freestyle special at the Harry Nass Centres. We had great sessions and new crazy moves which will be published in all details in August or September 2012. Riders: Worldchampion Steven van Broeckhoven B 72, Andy Chambers K 540 and Tilo Eber G 414 Check more on facebook Harry Nass Dahab .
Elke, 2012-03-23

March 2012- German SURF magazin testing 2 weeks the new equipment 2012

tester and editor: Stephan Gölnitz tester: Frank Lewich tester: Manuel Vogel please check on facebook HARRY NASS DAHAB
Elke, 2012-03-19

March 2012 - center 3

2012 - Freestyle pro edition, skinny masts, new boom and Neil Pryde Combat
Elke, 2012-03-18

March 2012 - center 2

our guests are more than happy with the new freestyle wave pro edition and their tripple fins
Elke, 2012-03-18

March 2012: The Harry Nass Team is happy to announce the arrival of new JP boards 2012

Elke, 2012-03-17

February 2012 : 250 new Neil Pryde riggs arrived

We are happy to announce that our new Neil Pryde riggs arrived. New light teaching sails, Combat and Fusion all sails with skinny masts. Center 3 is completely new equiped with mastfoots and new 2012 sails with skinny masts. Our JP boards will arrive in the first week of march.
Elke, 2012-02-27
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