The perfect summer or winter location!

Dahab, an ancient Bedouin settlement, lies 135 km to the south of Eilat and 90 km to the north of Sharm-El-Sheikh on the mountainous east coast of Sinai in the Gulf of Aqaba.

The destination airport is Sharm-El-Sheikh on the southern tip of Sinai. The road from Sharm-El-Sheikh to Dahab runs through red-brown rocky mountains.

As early as 1972 the entire length of the road was expanded to provided a well surfaced express highway.

The one-hour trip through the high mountains of Sinai from the airport provides a relaxing start to your holiday and an introduction to theunique atmosphere of Egypt as Bedouins, camels and goat herds roam along the roadside.

Finally arriving at the one of the best equipped centres in the world. 

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