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NEWS: we offer at all our centers new equipment of JP 2018 - 2019 and Cabrinha 2018.

News- Dahab -Hurghada:  JP Super Ride 2019


New JP Super Ride pro Edition at Harry Nass Dahab and Hurghada- if you would like to be the first to try the new Super Ride of JP please check at our center. 

News-Hurghada 2018:

We are happy to announce the arrival of 70 JP Boards 2018 in Hurghada- the new delivery for Dahab is on his way and will arrive soon.


News - Dahab 2017:


Dear Dahab friends,

Finally Harry Nass Dahab at Center 2 is back with the reopening of the JAZ Dahabeya hotel – the former Iberotel Dahabeya. The JAZ resumes business on 1.4.2017 in reaction to the German airlines that are commencing operations to Sharm el Sheik.

We are happy to inform you that you can now fly directly to Sharm el Sheik from Munich (Saturday and Monday), Düsseldorf (Sundays), Hanover (Sundays), Leipzig (Fridays) and Frankfurt (Saturdays). Furtheron Poland and the Scandinavian countries will start from the 30.3.2017. Austria - Wien starting 1.5.2017 .Switzerland (over Munich),)) and the Ukraine are flying allready.


Our longstanding Center 1 at the Ibis Styles Dahab as well as our Center 2 at the JAZ Dahabeya with their teams are available with immediate effect and we are looking forward to welcoming you again soon. It goes without saying that all our customary services and the shuttle service between both centers are available.

For those in doubt we also have a message:

„The security situation in Southern Sinai is stable“.

The new Egyptian government has made a huge effort to improve the situation and their strong safety measures have been reinforced. There are several check points on the transfer from Sharm el Sheik and no noticeable problems whatsoever have occurred during the last couple of years. We here in Dahab insist on a strict separation between the Northern Sinai and the tranquil Southern Sinai - a fact that is often largely ignored in our media-driven world.

In our experience and due to the events throughout Europe no Dahab fan should feel discouraged to visit his or her favourite spot. And that is all there is to be said from our side. We will continue to support Dahab and enjoy living there.


The booking situation for direct flights has proven more difficult than it used to be, more responsibility has therefore been shifted to our tour operators Surf and Action, Sun and Fun etc.

If you need our help please do not hesitate to contact us at info@harry-nass.com.


Dear Guests we wish you a very happy new year 2017 and hope to see you all again. 

March 2016:

Cabrinha Kiteboarding and Kite Magazin at Harry Nass Hurghada

Rider: Michael Vogel 


and Arne Schuber - Cabrinha Kiteboarding


Event Preview April 2016:

16.April - 23.April

Cabrinha Foil Kite Camp – Harry Nass Hurghada

Erlebe die Faszination Foil-Kiten!

Foil-Kiten ist das große Thema in der Szene. Jeder, der das Gefühl einmal erlebt hat, scheinbar schwerelos über der Wasseroberfläche zu schweben, ist der Faszination dieser neuen Disziplin sofort erlegen. Noch nie hat Kiten so viel Spaß gemacht und so eine hohe Windrange abgedeckt, Foilkiten ist bereits ab 8 Knoten ein riesen Spaß. Im ersten „CABRINHA Foil Kite Camp powerd by Harry Nass Hurghada“ erlernt Ihr in entspannter Atmosphäre Schritt für Schritt das Foil-Kiten. Erfahrene Foil Experten, neuestes Cabrinha 2016 Equipment mit dem einsteigerfreundlichsten Foil-Board am Markt sowie die Premium-Kitestation von Harry Nass stehen für Euch bereit und werden keine Wünsche offen lassen.

Aufsteigen, abheben, schweben!

Mit unendlich viel Platz nach Luv und Lee und einem Begleitboot werdet ihr schnell und sicher schweben lernen.

Der Spot am 4* Mercure Hurghada bietet einen direkten Einstieg ins tiefe Wasser und gehört zu den wenigen Reviere in Ägypten wo ihr Foilkiten erlernen könnt.  Darüberhinaus befinden sich 700m in Luv die karibisch anmutenden Sandbänke und laden zu einer kurzen Pause ein. Als einzige Station in Ägypten bietet die Harry Nass Station jedem Kitesurfer ein wasserdichtes Walky Talky als Rescue Service an. Während des Unterrichts behält der Lehrer ständigen Funkkontakt um euch so schneller zum Auftsteigen zu verhelfen.

Die neuesten Schulungsmethoden werden Euch von VDWS Instruktor und Cabrinha Trainer Vincent Helfenbein vermittelt. In der Schulungswoche werdet ihr an 6 Tagen mit je 4 Stunden geschult.


Ausserhalb des Kurs stehen euch neuestes "normales" Cabrinha Material zur Verfügung und ist im Kurspreis inkludiert.


Septembre 2016:

Harry Nass Hurghada: Kitemania in Septembre


Perfect learning conditions in our huge area 3.


August 2015
2016 NP/JP and Cabrinha equipment

Harry Nass Dahab and Hurghada: The arrival of 2016 JP Boards and Cabrinha Kites in Dahab and Hurghada:

Dahab - Center 1 - Windsurfing - Kitesurfing


Center 2:


Hurghada - Windsurfing - Kitesurfing


July 2015
Harry Nass Hurghada: NP Kick off meeting 2015


We had great two weeks with the whole team of Neil Pryde Group Germany and International. 

Since July we are happy to offer our new 2016 JP/NP and Cabrinha equipment in Hurghada- 2016 JP/NP and Cabrinha Equipment will be available end of August in Dahab


Teamrider Andy "Bubble" Chambers JP Teamrider and Albi Rondina Teamrider for Cabrinha


Happy Days:-)

July 2015:
Webcam Hurghada Windsurfing and Kitesurfing is online


March 2015
Harry Nass Hurghada Opening Party 


In March we celebrated our official opening- we are happy to welcome our guests in our new windsurf and kite center!



March 2015 
Travel Advises - transfer to Dahab

The German Ministry of Foreign Affairs released the travel warning for the transfer to Dahab. 

With all big tour operators you can fly with Sun Express in full charter (flight and hotel) from every german Airport to Sham el Sheik directly . Please contact us for any questions or booking request.

March 2015 
New equipment in Dahab

Harry Nass Dahab- Our new JP/NP equipment 2015 arrived in Dahab


February 2015
New Center in Hurghada


Harry Nass Hurghada 

Dear guests

We are happy to announce the opening of our new windsurf and kitecentre in Hurghada. New JP/NP and Cabrinha equipment is waiting for you. 


For our kiters we offer a huge kite area, with compressor, kite shade and landing and launching assistance. Three rescue boats are on stand by.


We are happy to welcome you in Hurghada!




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