Kite Courses in Dahab


As the biggest kitesurf provider we offer two locations for learning kitesurfing, eather in the kitelagoon (shallow water 300 x 500m) at center 1 or at center 2 at the Iberotel Dahabeya for experienced kiter.


Kitesurf Courses

We offer the only comprehensive kitesurf centres and course structure in Dahab. Courses are available in the kite lagoon at centre 1.
Our Kitesurf Instructors are VDWS, IKO or BKSA certified and provide a safe and enjoyable environment to ensure to get the most out of your course. Safety is paramount and we use helmets and buoyancy aids where suitable.
We offer Beginner and Improver courses in several languages. Lesson times are decided daily and are organised to suit the wind, tides and the clients’ ability level. Courses are a mixture of theory and practical sessions with walkie talkies for coaching and video analysis for more advanced kiters.


4 sessions - 2 hours per day
1. session: theory – setup of the kite equipment - kite control
2. session: relaunch the kite out of the water - bodydrag - upwind bodydrag
with one hand kite control
3. session: waterstart, theory, DVD teaching and simulator practise
4. session: waterstart and riding - practice


Improver and Advanced Courses

Advanced 1:  Waterstart and Riding

Advanced 2: Riding, Upwind- riding

Advanced 3: Jibing , Jumps and more

Prices on request:


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