We offer the best kite locations in Dahab for kite rental and storage.

For rental guests choose from 60 Cabrinha Kites and 30 Cabrinha boards. Our services includes: Huge secure storage area, landing and launching assistance with safe landing beach , compressor and walkie talkie rescue service.  Our complementary boat shuttle service which runs between both centres allows you access to the kite lagoon at centre 1 or at our centre 2 leewards of the windsurfers. At the sandy Public beach with 80m standing range next to centre 2 you can start direct on a beam reach to our new kite area.

Kite Rental

Current Cabrinha Equipment 

We offer in our rental packages Kites - Switchblade, FX and Contra from 3,5 - 15 qm

Terms of rental is half day, full day or weekly, insurance is possible.


Windsurf and Kite Combination Packages


on request


Use of facility - private Storage (1 Board, 3 Kites per Person)

Includes secure storage, boat shuttle, rescue service, walkie-talkie, launching and landing assistance, use of facility including showers, compressor, changing room, toilets etc.

All Prices on request: info@harry-nass.com



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