Kite areas Dahab

The sheer diversity of the different areas is what makes Dahab unique worldwide

Kitesurfing lagoon

The kitesurfing lagoon is located right next to the Harry Nass Centre 1. The flat water lagoon (300m x 500m) is separated from the sandbanks by area 1. For beginners these are perfect training conditions. Windsurfing is not allowed in the kitesurfing lagoon. Shoes recommended…

Kitesurfing area leeward to area 2

Advanced kiters can kite defensively leeward to the windsurfers in area 2. For safety reasons and due to the offshore wind, it is advisable to kite outside only with affiliation to our station and using our radio rescue service (walkie talkies) – this is especially important for the wave in area 3. Our unique safety system with walkie talkies ensures safety for every kiter and windsurfer. Our lifeboats are on standby at all times.

Kitesurfing is not allowed in Baby Bay.

Area 1 – Windsurfing lagoon

Area 1 is located within the bay – on a length of 2.5 km – and directly at Centre 1. Here, regardless of your skill level, you get your money’s worth. A headland protects the area at the northern end. The 500m long and 200m wide standing area in front of Centre 1 offers perfect training conditions for beginners and intermediates. On account of the standing area, it is possible to walk back to the centre. Shoes recommended. – Kitesurfing is not allowed in area 1

Area 2 – Speedy and Baby Bay

Behind the headland you can find area 2 for windsurfing with shallow water and a consistent, steady wind. Ideal for freestyle, speed sailing or simply for improving your riding skills. Starting from Harry Nass Centre 2, you can reach areas 2 and 3 directly on a half wind course. For your safety, there is a large, floating life raft in the Speedy and the Baby Bay is ideal for a short break. We are the only station in Dahab to offer walkie talkies for areas 2 and 3. Kitesurfing is only allowed leeward to area 2.

Area 3 – Waves

The Napoleon Reef separates areas 2 and 3.
With a swell of up to 3m and non-breaking waves, area 3 is the perfect wave training area and provides a further challenge for advanced surfers. For your safety we offer walkie talkies, but nevertheless you should not windsurf out there alone. Kitesurfing is allowed in area 3.

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