Kitesurfing Hurghada

Endless space and caribbian-like sandbanks to windward

Ever since 1999, Harry Nass has stood for high level quality and service. Having received an honorary award by the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism in 2011 as the best windsurfing and kite centre, we continue to offer our guests the latest equipment, professional training, personal service and support for unlimited fun on the water.

Being the only spot sporting a professional windsurf and kite centre, our guests can enjoy the benefits of the best material, our renowned service and lots of space to windward and leeward.

In Hurghada, 30 Cabrinha boards and 70 kites are available for you. Our windsurf and kite station at the Mercure is divided into a large windsurfing area and an equally large kitesurfing area. Our facilities at the kite station include a locked storage area with 40 boxes, a kite room with rental equipment, a classroom with video and training facilities as well as a sheltered kiteshade for a safe and shady deposit of your kites during breaks. Our office and a comfortable lazy corner can be found in the front area of our station. Landing und launching assistance, compressor and fresh water are available as well. Windward to our station is a 200m long sandy beach that serves as the launch and landing area. – see kite centre

Kitesurfing Courses

Our wide-range programme with kite surfing courses for all levels, from beginner to advanced, takes place on the sandbanks in area 3 and includes our complimentary boat-shuttle service. Peace and quiet are guaranteed as we are the only station teaching in this large and sandy training area.  All our instructors teach in several languages and are VDWS certified. The Vdws is an international training association that stands for compliance with European safety and quality standards.

For kiters, who are not yet able to hold heights, kitesurfing and practicing independently is impossible without affiliation to our station. Therefore we recommend you continue to participate in our course programme.– see kite surfing course

Foil Kite Courses

Our kite spot is the perfect place to learn foil kiting – from shallow to deep water, regardless of the tide, and an accompanying boat for our students make learning simple with the Cabrinha Double Agent – the most beginner friendly foil board on the market. – see foil kiting

Kite Rental and Storage

For independent kiters the 200m long launch and landing area is upwind.  There is also an unlimited freeride area directly in front of the station. At high tide you start directly from the beach – at low tide a buoy indicates the sandy launch and landing area. For inexperienced kiters we recommend shoes and the use of our shuttle to the sandbanks. Independent practice without affiliation to our station is not possible for inexperienced kiters. – see kite rental and storage

The Caribbean sandbanks are 700m upwind and can be reached in the morning with cross-offshore wind. Around noon the wind usually turns to side shore from the left and about 4-5 reaches are needed.  – see windsurf- and kitesurfing area Hurghada

Safety first!

For many years now, we are the only centre in Egypt to offer a complimentary radio rescue system. The walkie talkies make it possible for our guests to contact our centre directly and any time. Precise directions enable us to assist and rescue windsurfers and kiters faster and safer. We offer this complimentary radio rescue service at all Harry Nass Centres during our opening hours – see radio rescue service

On windless days our guests are free to use our complimentary SUP boards.



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