Kiteboarding Courses in Hurghada

Kite Courses

The kite centre is equipped with 70 Cabrinha kites and 30 boards. For teaching we are using the easy Radar and Moto Kites and we offer a shuttle boat service to take you to our teaching location (Area 3) at the sandbanks. Kindly see wind and kitesurfing spots for more information.

We are the only centre using this area ensuring plenty of space on the water for faster learning progression. All of our instructors are multilingual and recognized VDWS instructors. The Vdws is an international training association that stands for compliance with European safety and quality standards.

Our wide-range programme with kite surfing courses includes all levels, from beginner to advanced.

Safety first, thats why we teach with helmets and bouyancy aids in deep water.

The course times are determined daily depending on the wind and personal ability. The courses are a mixture of theory and practice using radio helmets and advanced kiters. The training area is a large sandy area with a few shells, so we recommend wearing boots.


Kite Courses

Beginner / Beginner +

4 Sessions – 2 hours per day

  • Session 1: Theory, kite setup, kite control with a training kite.
  • Session 2: Kite relaunching, body draging downwind and upwind.
  • Session 3: Water start exercises, theory, DVD training and simulator exercises.
  • Session 4: Waterstart and riding practice.

(Double Sessions per day possible on request)

Intermediate and Advanced Courses


  • Advanced 1:  Waterstart and Riding
  • Advanced 2: Riding, Upwind- riding
  • Advanced 3: Jibing , Jumps and more