Windsurfing Courses in Hurghada

The Harry Nass Centres offers qualified and professional windsurfing lessons.

Beginner to advanced courses take place daily in small groups within the windsurf bay and at the sandbanks. After the lesson enjoy a supervised “down- winder” trip from the sandbanks back to the centre. Progress quickly learning to waterstart and plane in these ideal conditions.

We offer all windsurfers our walkie – talkie rescue system, enabling beginners to windsurf safely in the bay. An additional observation tower is in constant radio contact with the centre to ensure your safety. Our rescue boats are always on stand-by if you require assistance.
Shoes, wetsuits and harnesses are included free of charge when you book the course. The course times are adjusted around the wind. At 9 o’clock the course times will be set to suit each level. All our instructors teach in several languages ​​and are VDWS qualified. The Vdws is an international training association that stands for compliance with European safety and quality standards.

The course structure corresponds to a mixure of theory and practice.

Harry Nass Windsurf lessons Hurghada

Windsurfing Courses

Beginner/Advanced beginner

4 days – 2 hours per day

  • Incl. Equipment
  • Light wind tack
  • Light wind Gybe
  • Steering
  • Beachstart
  • Introduction to harness


4 days – 1,5 hours per day

  • Incl. Equipment
  • Waterstart
  • Fast Tack
  • Footstraps
  • Planing
  • Double Sessions possible


4 days – 1,5 hours per day

  • Incl. Equipment
  • Carve Jybing
  • high speed maneuvers
  • Freestyle Tricks – Vulcan
  • double sessions or single sessions possible

Hurghada Teaching
Teaching at sandbanks